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Mobile Affiliate Mastermind Course2

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Product Description:

Mobile Affiliate Mastermind Course1

Meaning, you have 5128 other marketers:

    • Bidding on all the keywords, driving your price way up
    • Already ranking for every possible keyword variation for articles making SEO impossible for you to out ran
  • Already ranking hundreds of related youtube videos, drying up any hopes you had for that traffic source
  • Have already signed up to be a JV to partner with the product creator, crushing any chances of you ever getting noticed

Which brings me to the most important question:


Nothing More Frustrating Than Wasted Effort

Believe me, I have been there.
I remember when I decided I was going to go into the dating niche!
Did my standard research to find that TAO OF BADASS was HOT HOT HOT!
They were even awesome enough to give you a list of secret KILLER keywords you could target for “easy” promotions.

Yeah, well, turns out their other brazillion (that’s like… a lot a thousands) affiliates got that same SECRET list!

Those affiliates who were:

    • more experienced than me
    • Had bigger budgets than me
    • Had a head start on me
  • Already nestled and cozy at the top of Google for all to good money keywords
  • And, lets be honest.. Were probably a lot smarter than me!

How is the little guy supposed to compete with that?

Better question…

Who says you have to compete in the first place???

I was on a mission to find a way to for the little guy to make guru money on a shoesting budget with affiliate marketing… the way nature intended it to be.

That is when I found Don Silva….

Mobile Affiliate Mastermind Course2

Where can you reach THOUSANDS of red hot target with virtually ZERO competition?

That’s right… MOBILE!

Daily, More and more websites are reporting more than 60% of their traffic is mobile traffic.

The average person spends more time daily connected to the mobile web then they do plopped in front of a computer

Yet, more and more marketers are coming along every single day fighting for DESKTOP traffic… leaving the majority of the visitors ripe for YOUR to cherry pick the best ones with whatever offer you choose!


When you Join today, inside the members area of Mobile Affiliate Mastermind you will find step by step process taking your from sign up to profit with the least amount of time and effort you have EVER spend online!

Mobile Affiliate Mastermind Course3

Don has been silently mastering the mobile affiliate marketing system and I had to pull his teeth (literally) to get him to share his methods with me.

And I am so glad he did!

When you join today you will see why!

He took ALL The guesswork out of affiliate marketing!

Mobile Affiliate Mastermind Course4

When you are following a proven system… results are not just possible.. they are EXPECTED!

Bottom line: THIS JUST WORKS!

To prove how much I believe in this program and your inevitable success, we can make this INSANE guarantee!

[Download] Master Map of Success – Eben Pagan and Wyatt Woodsmall


Master Map of Success - Eben Pagan and Wyatt Woodsmall

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Product Description:

This course is ways to take control of your change and advancement. Extensive technique to mapping individuals and service.

Session 1: Evolution, Growth, and Development
In this training you’ll get a summary of the “pattern nature” of humans, ways to differentiate which pattern system is most helpful for you, and the risk of determining excessive with any “label” or “type”.

Session 2: Learn The Keys To Development
In this session you’ll discover ways to approach map making, and the 4 crucial measurements of modification. You’ll likewise discover the secrets to advancement and the point of views of living at your level of advancement.

Session 3: Self-Actualization and the History of Management
In this session we get an intro to the Myers Briggs Personality design and how societies progress inning accordance with this design. We likewise learn more about Maslowʼs Hierarchy of Needs. Take the test to see if you are self-actualized and see exactly what the Prussian army related to the New York railway.

Session 4: Personal and Global Problems
In this session we begin with a workout where we determine the main issues that face us as people, issues at a social level, and at an international level.

Session 5: Believe it or Not!
In this session we break down beliefs with some internal designs of belief structures and strategies to removing your restricting beliefs.

Session 6: Are You Experienced?
In this session we break down beliefs with some internal designs of belief structures and strategies that provide you an experience of starting to bring a few of your sensory and psychological systems under control.

Session 7: An Idiot’s Guide to Being an Idiot
In this session we discover how itʼs possible to be a moron and why your manager fits that description. Discover why 99% of the efforts to alter someoneʼs mind stops working, and the technique in making somebody modification with among 3 methods.

Session 8: Level Up
In this session we get an intro to Graves and discover the 8 primary levels of the mental map. Discover the phases that both people, companies, and societies embrace as they progress.

Session 9: Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, Staying Alive World 1 and 2
In this session we start to obtain much deeper descriptions of the very first 2 phases. Discover exactly what infants share with the dawn of guy and go through a workout that puts you in charge of a people at war.

Session 10: The Master Map Condensed
In this session we get a condensed variation of the phases and how they associate with each other. We likewise discover the trick to Ebenʼs approach to training programs and his supreme objective.

Session 11: Keys To Learning The Levels of Success
In this session we discover a secret about success. Eben discusses the finding out procedure and the technique to obtaining the most from the levels. He likewise demonstrates how you may have experienced the greater levels currently, without ever understanding it. Wyatt likewise means how understanding this product can assist you comprehend your kids.

Session 12: It’s Only Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll … But World 3 Likes it.
In this session we dive deeper into World 3. We likewise go through a workout that puts you in the shoes of a World 3 person, and are confronted with handling the problems of hardship and relationships.

Session 13: Anything Less Would be Uncivilized
In this session we get an extensive take a look at World 4. We get a much better understanding of how our modern-day civilization happened. We get insights into the birth and structure to faith.

Session 14: Personal Success
In this session we open World 5. We hear how Gene Roddenberry utilized the Graves design to produce engaging characters and conflict in Star Trek.

Session 15: Caring and sharing
In this session we check out World 6. Eventually all of us find ourselves in world 6 at some level, and Eben explains the benefits of residing in this area, even if for just a workout.

Session 16: Six Flavors of Chimp
In this session we hear a story of the future and how we incorporate the first 6 phases in daily life. We likewise learn more about how each of the phases determine themselves, then change from the concern ʻwho am I?ʼ to ʻwhat am I?ʼ as we check out the world of the chimpanzee and itʼs social resemblances to our own.

Session 17: Tier Two Time
In this session we check out the shift in between Tier 1 (Worlds 1-6) and Tier 2 as we talk about the attributes of World 7. We become aware of how when tiers clash, tears can fall, specifically when Wyatt slams a workshop goer.

Session 18: Probability and Scenarios
In this session Eben enters situation preparation and puts down a fantastic standard method to utilize it in service and beyond to assist you benefit from the future now and assist you believe more logically and properly.

Session 19: Actualization
This session discusses how the design connects to composing sales letters. Wyatt likewise provides some surprising stats credited to a hundred-person design of the world.

Session 20: Future Shock
In this session the group is asked to consider the survival of the world in the long term and talk about population control, time travel, and advanced civilizations as we do a workout from the 8ʼs perspective.

Session 21: Dave Logan: Cultural Attaché
In this session Dave Logan, teacher at USC, previous associate dean, and author of “Tribal Leadership” and “Three Laws Of Performance” explains culture and puts different offices into viewpoint. Plus we discover an easy method to discover someoneʼs core worths with just a couple of concerns.

Session 22: Systems in Organizations and Organisms in Systems
In this session Wyatt dives down and deconstructs systems and ecology. We find a few of the mistakes of aiming to enhance companies poorly and take lessons from Frank Herbertʼs Dune

Session 23: Till Death Do United States Part
In this session we talk about the top-level ideas that will assist us get to 2nd tier. Eben goes through workouts that consider death and practice concentrating on concerns. We likewise go through a workout created to assist us release. Wyatt likewise takes us through a story that includes all the phases in a personification of our lives and the tombs design.

Session 24: Taking Control Of Your Own Evolution
In this session Eben provides a workout that was created as a self-scoring tool you can utilize to obtain a bead on where youʼre at in your very own advancement. Then we discover a strategy on ways to reinforce locations you are not stabilized in. We take a final take a look at point of views through art, and cover with a

Handouts: Important Exercises
As you’re going through the program, you’ll see a number of areas where Wyatt has the group do workouts. Here is where you can download those workouts so you can follow in addition to Wyatt’s directions. Do not do these workouts now– feel in one’s bones they’re here for you when you get to those points in the program … delight in!